Concept Home Inprovement

Small Renovation Projects

About the service

We are specialists in small renovation projects that can handle your renovation package right from the beginning to the end and deliver your project on budget and time. You also deal directly with us throughout, which implies no sales reps involved.  Does that sound good? Candidly speaking, if you change the services or the structure of a building, you will need the approval of the council for your project.  This may include extension of the footprint of your home, adding a second story, building a deck that raises the backyard height or adding a window to look out at your neighbors.

Renovating your entire home makes sense for logistical and realistic reasons. It implies we can:

  1. Get everything done all at once
  2. Make the most of all our resources for cost savings
  3. Can negotiate better prices from the suppliers if you are shopping for your entire home.

We like to consider it as a privacy factor, as you wouldn’t want your neighbors to have a direct sight of your property.  This is where an architect comes in. They can design something that will meet your goals but also adhere with all the environmental, privacy, legal and services related necessities.

Our Work Benefits

By working with you in the planning phase, we assist in working out a comprehensive budget that takes everything into consideration. We then handle the project right from the beginning to the end and deliver your project on time without crossing your budget. We are also completely insured and licensed, and hold public liability insurance and all the required warranties to work on your job. All the staffs we use are also top level professionals, who have all the required licenses and qualifications.