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Retaining walls

Retaining walls in Adelaide,Elizabeth,Gilles Plains,Hectorville,Holden Hill,Klemzig

If you require retaining walls in Adelaide,Elizabeth,Gilles Plains,Hectorville,Holden Hill,Klemzig then Concept Home Improvements can assist. We also provide more services in the area of landscaping design and construction, if required.  While building a retaining wall, it is vital to consider three basic things to get the best result for your home.  Retaining walls are one of our specialties. Over the years, we have developed systems that result in timely delivery of the top quality product. Each retaining wall undergoes a detailed consultation, design and construction process, handled by our friendly and experienced team. If you are researching on retaining walls, you would be well aware of other companies claiming to be the best provider of retaining walls. However, we believe that our results speak for themselves.

There are various types of materials that can be used to create the retaining walls, including:

  1. Brick retaining walls
  2. Timber retaining walls
  3. Natural blue stone or Moss rocks
  4. Rendered blocks
  5. Concrete sleepers

Which material you utilize depends on various things like its purpose and where it is going, how much force is against it, and how it will fit in with the overall design. Concept Home Improvements will choose the best materials to suit your purpose.  We will also add our own design also, and consider extra elements such as adding walkways and steps. 

Our Work Benefits

We have built hundreds of retaining walls in Adelaide from all types of materials. We offer a written guarantee on all the retaining walls, as with all our top quality construction and landscape work, we strive to build it right on the first time. We work with some of the leading residential builders in Adelaide that rely on us to build retaining walls for their clients.  Some retaining walls require Council approval, we can take care of all the documentation for you and our work is covered by the ideal building indemnity insurance.

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