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Retaining walls in Adelaide- Construction and Drainage

If you have a long, sloping yard or driveway, it is possibly lovely, but without the ideal type of protection. It can also be a pain if you want to do anything with the yard. For example, there is no way that a swimming pool can be installed on a yard that is sloped. A seesaw for the children would never work right. Outbuildings won’t be able to sit properly. That is why you witness so many homes that have retaining walls around them. This is an excellent way to level out the property and still keep it looking truly excellent.

Retaining wall- What exactly is it?

Basically, it is any wall that supports a structure and safeguards it against the development of earth or water. There are various uses for these walls, including within the homes for garages, to keep earth from stairways or driveways, keeping riverbanks from eroding, segregating highways and roads, and to protect drivers from roadside embankments.

Construction of these walls

There are various ways to build retaining walls in Adelaide, and how you build the one for your home will actually depend on the type of retaining walls you want to build. There are various basic construction techniques for these walls, with the most popular being retaining walls made from concrete. Some of the most popular types of this wall construction include:

  • Insulated concrete form
  • Wooden
  • Interlocking block

There are all types of neat things you can use as materials for building a retaining wall. Some of the more popular styles are built with stones and concrete, but some people are getting truly innovative with the things they are using for their retaining walls. Some people also use old railway ties to make truly interesting looking walls.

If you are planning on building one of these walls, there are specific tools that you should have on hand. Apparently, you will require a shovel or other equipments that you can do some digging with. This is not a job that doesn’t need much labor. You are going to have to truly get into some hard work, including digging, to get the wall built. Other equipments you will require include a soil tamper, string and wooden stakes for marking the area, gloves and safety glasses, landscaping fabric wheelbarrow and some gravel.

A proper drainage system can also assist to prevent some of the issues that are caused by melting and freezing, which is going to happen if you live in an area where the summers are warm and winters are cold. A drainage membrane installed will assist to keep these issues from happening in your home.

When you have a properly built retaining wall, you can have a beautifully landscaped property, without having to be concerned about the damages that can be caused by running water. Check out the various types of retaining walls these days, and determine which one is going to be the best for your property.