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Different ways to be eco-friendly with landscaping services in Adelaide

It is common to get tips on how to be more environment-friendly within the home, but if you truly want to maintain an eco-friendly house. It is vital to consider how your landscaping options impact the environment also. While some techniques are pretty apparent, like planting an organic garden or avoiding dangerous chemicals, you can conveniently lessen your carbon footprint by making easy changes in your landscaping services in Adelaide and design, many of which come down to the easy act of water protection and conservation.

Select water-wise plants

Just like any professional lawn company will attest, it takes many resources to maintain a lawn. Nonetheless, there are many easy ways to ensure your lawn is not consuming more than its fair share of the local water supply. Water-wise plants are varieties that thrive in the dry conditions or need minimal water at the least, instances of which include yucca, petunias and sunflowers. Consult a company that does landscaping to decide the best drought-resistant plants for your specific climate.

Hire landscaping services in Athelstone to install a rain garden

Speaking of eco-friendly landscaping, another vital consideration is the impact of your lawn on the quality of nearby lakes and rivers. One solution that has become popular among the eco-friendly gardeners is to install a rain garden. You might be marveling what precisely a rain garden is, and it is actually just as the name implies, a depression in the landscape designed to collect and absorb rainwater from areas like walkways, roofs and driveways. How does this assist the environment? A rain garden enables rainwater runoff to be soaked into the ground, instead of flowing into the streams, storm drains, lakes and rivers. The result is less pollution, flooding and erosion, all vital factors in enhancing the local water quality. Just consult a local company that does landscaping, and they can assist you design the ideal rain garden for your specific climate and soil.

Consider a Mediterranean Landscape Design

No matter you are starting from a scratch or just want to have second thoughts about your present landscape, a Mediterranean design is an excellent way to build a sensational lawn, while also doing your part for the environment. Water conservation happens naturally with a Mediterranean style lawn or garden, as it inherently comprises of open, exposed courtyards that need minimal water and maintenance.  These areas are then adorned with a wide range of hardscaping, like mosaic walls or gravel beds, and also selection of topiary trees, vines and other drought resistant foliage. Should you select a Mediterranean layout for your landscape, hiring experienced and professional landscaping services in Adelaide is suggested for the most efficient and polished design. If you already found a reputed lawn mowing company for routine yard maintenance, it is likely they also specialize in different types of landscape service. With just a single team managing everything, lesser overall sources will be used to maintain your lawn, which is a winning solution for you and the environment.